Here are the books and websites I return to when I am looking for new titles to read with my children:




Will Rascals Defend Our Civilization… and What Books will they Read? by William Edmund Fahey from Crisis Magazine

“…the great books demand a supporting culture—both before and after and throughout.”

William Edmund Fahey

Awakening the Moral Imagination by Vigen Guroian from The Imaginative Conservative

“The great fairy tales and children’s fantasy stories attractively depict character and virtue. In these stories, the virtues glimmer as if in a looking glass, and wickedness and deception are unmasked of their pretensions to goodness and truth. These stories make us face the unvarnished truth about ourselves while compelling us to consider what kind of people we want to be.”

Vigen Guroian

From the Archive: That Shriveled Grind by Andrew Kern from Circe Institute

“The change is this: 50 years ago, parents read things to children that children could not read themselves, that were not directed primarily at the senses, and that contained deep formal and material lessons for the children.”

Andrew Kern