Why did you start Beloved Bookshelf?

Five years ago I tried pulling children’s books at random from the library shelves. I quickly realized that I needed to arm myself with a good booklist, but I had no idea where to begin. I decided to compile a list of the books & resources I discovered to help other parents and educators searching for quality children’s literature.

What kind of booklists do you have?

Tried and true picture books for children, board & picture books for toddlers, poetry books, illustrated fairy tales, seasonal books, Christmas picture books, picture books about science, history, counting, etc., chapter books, and more! See all booklists here.

Do you add new books to your lists?

Yes, often weekly. I always have a short stack of books under review from the local library. I keep a running list of new additions here (“Recent Booklist Additions” page also located on the main menu).

Are the booklists printable?

Yes. Included with each booklist is a free printable PDF designed for bringing to the library or referencing when you place books on hold.

What criteria do you use to choose children’s books?

I aim to share books (and compatible resources) that:
– awaken imagination, encourage curiosity, and cultivate wonder
– delight with artful illustrations and memorable characters
– train a child’s ear to good use of language through poetic prose or rhyme
– form character and instill a love for virtue
– prepare children to read the Great Books

I need more chapter book recommendations. Do you have any resources you’d recommend?

Yes! Please see my trusted resources here.

What books do you recommend buying first for a child’s home library?

A well-illustrated Mother Goose like this one by Gyo Fujikawa,

Favorite Poems Old and New by Helen Ferris,

Little House in the Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder,

a collection of Grimm & Andersen fairy tales,

Any other questions? Do you need book recommendations for a specific age or about a particular topic? I’d love to help! You can send me an email at laurenbelovedbookshelf@gmail.com or contact me using the form below.